Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blood Plus - There Will Be Blood

If you like vampire stories than if you haven't already watched Blood Plus....well, well, what are you waiting for? If it's a push in that direction here you GO :) This is an awesome anime and a must see for all you vampire fans.

So, what can i tell you without ruining too much of the story? Saya Otonashi is a somewhat anaemic but regular school girl with a healthy appetite...let's just say she could put an all you can eat buffet out of business BUT she has a model like figure (damn her to hell)! She lives with her family in Okinawa with her brothers, Kai and Riku. But things are about to change and they change dramatically when some ugly blood sucking creature attacks her in the classroom. If that isn't crazy enough a dude with some sort of cello case, Haji jumps through the window and throws her a katana (sword) and tells her to kill the BAKEMONO (if you haven't watched enough anime to know this term (shame on you) it's a monster).

Strangely enough she is a quick learner and instinctively uses the sword and slays the monster...who in fact is a Chiropteran but in plain English that is a VAMPIRE. This attack sets the wheel of fortune in motion and Saya learns some shocking things about herself, her past, her family and struggles to decide what she must do!!!!! The story itself has a few twists and turns and is all in all a great Vampire anime told in 50 brilliant episodes.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lovely Complex - ラブ★コン - Love Com

Isn't this such a cute little romcom.....hmmmmmmmm!!!! NO NO NO, this anime isn't so cute BUT it sure is funny. In fact some of the faces the main character Risa makes are damn right ugly and that's why i love this anime. Lovely Complex is all about two friends Risa and Otani who are classed as the comedy couple. Risa is taller than most girls and Otani is shorter than most guys and this makes for lots of jokes at each others expense.

So, they're just friends until one day the unthinkable happens....Risa starts to become attracted to Otani, which makes for an interesting time!!!!! Especially when the guy you like is as tactless, insensitive and downright clueless when you're trying your best to attract his attention. Sometimes in fact he seems HEARTLESS and they encounter obstacle after obstacle BUT Risa isn't a quitter. You'll find yourself screaming at Otani because you just want them to get together.

It is an easygoing story which shows a relationship blossoming between friends and I think it captures this well. It deals with problems that arise whenever you have a CRUSH and you can never find the right words or the ex girlfriend turns up, them only seeing you as a friend (total pain in the a**). i talking about my own life or the anime...hahahaa.....that's my point it is a story that everyone can relate to and BONUS it's absolutely hilarious.

You like so totally have to watch this anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Claymore - クレイモア

Look it's the picture of an Claire with her dazzling looks and silver eyes. The colour of her eyes is a clue that she isn't quite what she seems and even though she looks like an angel....she is in fact a CLAYMORE. Well, what on earth is a Claymore you might ask and the answer is a Claymore is a Demon slayer who happens to be half human and half demon (sounds a bit like Devil May Cry)!!!!!

This anime is an adaption from the Manga which I think is still currently in publication ( since 2001 no less). Anyways, the anime was aired in 2007 and used the material from the first 11 volumes of the manga for 24 episodes BUT the final 2 episodes are an ORIGINAL storyline.

At this stage I've only watched 4 episodes out of 26 and I'll definitely be doing an updated post when I complete this one. But so far I'm pretty impressed with Claymore and I'm going to give you a quick summary to try and entice you to watch this one with us.

Let’s set the scene. Your family has had their guts eaten by a demon and now this demon is in your village wearing the skin of someone's kin. You can't tell friend from foe but nearly every night this demon is gorging itself on neighbours entrails (ohhhh am I getting too into this :S). The village is in despair....what to do what to do. They turn to Claymore for help and a beautiful babe turns up to slay the demon beast, as they have the ability to sense the demon (akuma) in its human skin. At this point I don't want to reveal too much of the story and ruin the anime. But I hope this at least sounds intriguing and if you like demon storylines with action, lots of blood, sword fighting, pretty women....well I think Claymore is what you're looking for.

After 4 episodes I don't know how Claymores came into existence or why ....who is the organisation they work for and what is their agenda? Who is Claire? These questions I cannot answer BUT I want to watch this anime and find out for myself. I know if you read the manga you might not enjoy the ANIME......but you shouldn't let it stop you from watching as it's just too ENJOYABLE

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kunio Kato Wins Oscar: Greatest Speech Ever!!!!!

Now you're probably thinking Pucca has nothing to do with Kunio Kato winning an oscar and you know what you're absolutely right!!! Or are you???? Fact is Pucca is Kawaii and so was Kato's acceptance speech at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. He won the Oscar for his work - La Maison en Petits Cubes which was nominated for Best Animated Short Film 2009.

The anime itself tells the story of a grandfather's memories as he has to add more blocks to his house to stem the flooding water. The title to this anime makes sense when you see the amount of water that has risen over the years and how many blocks he has had to add to his house which was so small at the start. The recollection of his memories at the house with his family are very sweet and it is all done with paper drawings and 2D computer graphics. The character doesn't speak but the musique and the images tell the story well enough in this short 12 minute animation.

I could start to moan (who am i kidding ...let the moaning begin) that the Annual Awards are full of rubbish like WTH isn't there any anime being considered in best animated film categories ( my guess is they can't face the embarrassment of the greatness of Japanese animation)....don't get me wrong i totally enjoyed Kung Fu Panda but are you seriously suggesting some of the Japanese animations like Sword of the Stranger weren't worthy of a nomination.... hmmmmm/.....poppycock...which is a nice polite English way of saying BULLSH*T.

Ok ok......enough of is the reason why i chose Pucca as the main picture for this post and it's because of the greatest award acceptance speech of all time. Yes, yes i was awake 2am or so and happened to see Kunio Kato's speech live and it's just so cute.....he thanks his Pencil and says domo arigato mister roboto which was just so CUTE!!!!!!

Well done:)