Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Samurai Vs Ninja - ACTION!!!!!

Lets start with the way of the Samurai!!!!! Sword of the Stranger is a fairly new anime released in 2007 and with the Bones production team (produced works such as Full Metal Alchemist and Soul Eater in case you didn't know) behind IT, the action scenes are absolutely brilliant.

The story itself isn't very complicated or exceptionally original BUT that doesn't matter because it isn't boring!!!! The story is set in the past and concentrates on a young boy named Kotarou who is being pursued by the Royal army of the China's Ming dynasty. He crosses paths with a ronin --a nameless Samurai (Nanashi) and hires him as a bodyguard.

The Ming army are always right behind them and among them is a blond westerner called Raro who only wants to fight a worthy opponent!!!! What follows is a wonderfully animated action movie full of great fight sequences and quite violent at times....yes yes there will be BLOODSHED. But it's definitely an entertaining and exciting anime. I do believe that there is a lot of Mandarin dialogue (please forgive me if Cantonese :S) during this anime and for all those people out there who think Japanese and Chinese are the same---it so is NOT they sound totally DIFFERENT!!!!!

English Subbed Trailer

After watching this Trailer I'm sure you'll want to watch it^__^

Enter the NINJA----*tip toes* so I decided after watching Sword of the Stranger to watch a CLASSIC anime from 1993. Don't be put of the age of this anime because this is one ACTION packed movie and you certainly won't be disappointed. The story is focused around Jubei who is wandering around feudal Japan trying to make a living. He soon gets caught up in a plot to overthrow the government which involves the forces of dark that's right DEMONS!!!!! What follows is a fast paced, bloody and at some parts quite HENTAI (sexually explicit) anime and even though it's quite old. It will still give some of these newer animes a run for the MONEY^.^ If you're squeamish please do not watch this anime, as it's very gory at times!!!!!

Enjoy the trailer :)

English Dubbed Trailer

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anime Wallpapers

You’re probably thinking well that has nothing to do with anime and like what the hell is with the Pistachio---obviously NUTS!!!!! So, this post isn't a review of an anime I've watched but instead I'm thinking maybe you're bored of your desktop background and you fancy a change. The wallpapers that I'm about to dazzle your eyes with ----EXAGGERATION----are all available from a cool website i found. If your interested in that site just click the link on the righthandside labelled Anime Wallpapers.

Here are my favourite 5 taken from the showcase of wallpapers on that site. It has a wide selection so if you don't like my taste in wallpapers or you have a particular anime in mind. Click the Link and knock yourself OUT!!!!!!

By the way there not listed in order of my preference - I just think there all cool and I didn't want to overload you with pictures so I limited to TOP 5 --now that's SACRIFICE^__^

1. I love this one!!!! Inoue Orihime is such a sweet character from BLEACH and Kill Bill is an awesome film and together this makes a cool wallpaper. I renamed it Bleach meets Kill Bill so I can't find name of creator :(

2. I just like the colours. I haven't watched this one yet (the list just gets longer!!!) it's from Mobile Suit Gundam - Seed Destiny by Bantam.

3. I picked this one because of the colours - same as UK Flag don't you know!!!! HAHAHAA from Tengen Toppa Gurren - Lagann by Eruanne (again NOT watched yet).

4. I haven't watched Final Fantasy or played the game BUT i know Imy is a fan^__^By Meth-ane from Final Fantasy VII.

5. Finally, I just loved the Kill Bill theme so here is an alternative if your not keen on BLEACH (are you mad, lol)!!!! I think it's from a RPG (role playing game) Disgaea by Furikuu.

Remember the link is on the right - Anime Wallpapers :)