Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anime of Week: Nana ナナ

This anime focuses on the lives of the two main female characters who are both called Nana. For similar and yet different reasons they have both decided to leave everything behind and start new lives together in Tokyo. This anime has 47 episodes but I’ve only watched 6 starting today doncha know!!! So, far I think it might be labelled a “Girly Flick” type of anime but if you like stories evolving friendship and romance then I think you’ll find this anime quite intriguing. The first episode shows how Nana Komatsu meets Nana Osaki on the train heading for Tokyo in the snow together both aged 20 and both are called Nana. After they arrive in Tokyo they go their separate ways but fate brings them together when they both search for somewhere to call HOME. The story then shows you what has led each of the ladies to Tokyo and after that I don’t know yet. But I intend to find out!!!!!!!

Here are some clips from NanaJ

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Anime Character of the Week: Monkey D Luffy モンキー・D・ルフィ

Having only watched one episode of One Piece there isn't much I can say about Luffy. But he seems like a cool character. I personally thinks he looks and behaves like a monkey after watching one episode and no doubt that is why he has the name. His goal in life seems simple enough he wants to be PIRATE KING and surely with his strength, friends and rubber bending ability he WILL achieve his goals. I better watch One Piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anime Song of Week: Forever We Can Make It by Thyme

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Fancy Singing along.....try the romanji lyrics unfortunately we don't have the translation. GOMEN!!!!! <<< Chantelle said!
Update: I, the great Imy, found the translation! :P


forever we can make it!
forever we can make it!

Koisuru otome-tachi no shisen tobikau [it's so cute!]
SHAI da shi sei mo hikui kare ni watashi-tachi muchuu
Zasshi no renai KOONAA "hiku TAIMINGU ga daiji" Nonki de ii wa

Rusuden no koe no TOON 2 warimashi ni shita kedo
KOORU BAKKU matsu jikan wa Taikan sokudo yurume
Eien ni tsuzuku TONNERU na ra imasugu U TAAN muda na deikou ne

To no kokoro ni nozoki ana ga tsuite ta ra Donna ni ii darou
Dare ka ni torareru yume made michau hodo fuan ni monaru kedo ne
Tsuiagete kita Anata e no omoi
Umi ni okkochite mo mata mitsukedaseru tte generukara!

Saigou no CHYANSU now is the time Minogasanai only once
KEGA osoreteinai de forever we can make it!!

Choukisen wa nigate datta Reigai no aite "So fight!"
Kon wa ito nomi janai no Kare no egao wa mashou ne
"Ai sareru yoru Aishitai" Onna butta SERIFU mishiyou no manma

Anata no suki na mono wa zenbu RISAACHI sumi no ha zudemo
Akibeya darake kono kokoro ga hoshigaru no wa Hitotsu dake
Oikakete dekita Anata e no omoi
Shinkuu PAKKU ni tsumete todoketai kedo Itsu aiteru no kara?

Saigou no CHYANSU now is the time Minogasanai only once
KEGA osoreteinai de forever we can make it!!

forever we can make it!
forever we can make it!
forever we can make it!
forever we can make it!

Atama ja nakute kokoro ga koi o suru!

Tanjyun de kanjin na koto Yatto mitsukeshitanda!
Kizutsuitatte ii janai so we are never give up!

Saigou no CHYANSU now is the time Minogasanai only once
Koukai nante shita kunai deshou forever we can make it!!

forever we can make it!
forever we can make it!


Forever we can make it!
Forever we can make it!

Fall in love, women by fluttering your eyes "it's so cute"
Be grateful that our boyfriend is low and sincere, and has us in a trance
According to the love corner of magazines, it's important to know when to play hard to get
Take it easy

But the tone of the answering machine's voice gave two bonuses
The waiting time seems to slow down
If it drags on forever, u-turn at once, it's useless to resist

How nice it would be if people's hearts came with peepholes
Although someone might become uneasy, tripped up in the dream
I think it's beginning to heap up towards you
Even if you fall into the sea, I can still find you

It's our best chance now is the time; don't miss it, it comes only once
Don't be afraid of getting hurt forever we can make it

This was a weak contest; your opponent was an exception "So fight!"
The future is not to your liking, even though that smile is devilish
Because "Love from wanting to love" makes the adult type the unused serif

But your liking all this research was settled to your expectations
Your heart is like a vacant room, I only want it once
I believe you run away from me
But I want to pack it up; when will it be available, I wonder?

It's our best chance Now is the time Don't miss it only one
Don't be afraid of getting hurt forever we can make it!

forever we can make it!
forever we can make it!
forever we can make it!
forever we can make it!

Love from the top of your heart!

It's crucial to be simple, it's discovered at last
It's not good to hurt someone's feelings so we are never give up!

It's our best chance, now is the time don't miss it only once
We might not want to regret this forever we can make it

forever we can make it!
forever we can make it!

Casshern Sins: キャシャーン Sins Kyashān Sins

This anime is set in the distant future in a barren world where mankind appears to be outnumbered by robots. The world has been destroyed by war and Casshern appears to have played a part in this devastation. He needs to figure out his past by recollecting his memories to try to resolve the present. Casshern stands accused of killing Luna which has been associated with the RUIN, which is bringing DEATH to the robots who were once IMMORTAL.

What does Casshern hide in his memories and can he save the world from RUIN? Everyone is seeking his destruction and he has no choice but too FIGHT to figure out the TRUTH. This anime is far from boring and has great action scenes BUT it also has a complex storyline in that it is concentrating on DEATH and the fear of the unknown.
This anime premiered in October 2008 and is currently on episode 12 out of 24.

Check out the Trailer

Music PlaylisT!!!!!

Casshern Sins

Friday, December 26, 2008

Eve no Jikan: Time of Eve


This anime is the latest work by Yasuhiro Yoshiura and is set in 6 episodes lasting 15 mins each. The episodes are released every 2 months and they're totally awesome. The Time of Eve poses an ethical question around the treatment of androids whether humans should treat them as machines or if they should be treated as humans.

Rikuo has been taught that androids are to be treated as convenient tools and that they aren't human. Even though they look human apart from a halo above their heads to distinguish them from humans. One day Rikuo finds an interesting data entry for his household android and decides to investigate with his friend. What they discover is a mysterious cafe where humans and androids are to be treated equally and inside the cafe the android's halo is removed making them indistinguishable from HUMANS.

This anime is amazing in my opinion and it's totally a work of art. The first 3 episodes are available to watch now but part 4 will not be available until April 2009. By waiting for the next part of this anime I feel like a member of some elite organisation. Well, that's just like ME^.^

Interested. Watch Trailer - Japanese :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kuroshitsuji 黒執事 - One Episode Review


Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler after watching the first episode I'm intrigued to watch some more. In this episode we learn that some young boy named Ciel, the head of the Phantomhive family is a spoilt rich kid running some sort of empire he inherited from his family. He lives in England and he drinks earl grey in the morning and is dressed by his impeccably dressed butler, Sebastian Michaels. His butler is so articulate, talented, knowledgeable and lets face it drop dead gorgeous he must be heaven sent. Or could it be his an akuma and the young Ciel has entered some sort of contract with him BUT what does Sebastian have to gain? What will become of the Phantomhive fortune?

At this stage I don't know the plot but I think I'll continue to watch to find out. Whose with me? It looks like this one will have 25 episodes.

Japanese 2min Trailer

JPop Lovers Click Play!!!

Kiss of Monochrome by SID - Opening Theme
I’m Alive by Becca – Ending Song
Grell Sutcliffe’s Theme Song - Bonus