Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paradise Kiss I Loved IT!!!!

Meet George---the dreamy heartthrob designer of Paradise Kiss!!!!! So, I finished all 12 episodes of this anime a while ago but I remembered I was meant to do an update and here it is. This anime is all about Yukari and her life changes when she meets an eccentric bunch of fashion designers and falls for the charming George. I would say that if you like slice of life type anime you'll find this really enjoying and easy to watch. Don't mistake this for BORING as it's anything but boring and they portray relationships very well in this anime and it makes for a very entertaining watch. I would say that if you liked Nana than you'll definitely like this anime too.

Anime of the Week: GetBackers

Getbackers, Getbackers, Getbackers I guess this is all I can say at this point as I haven't watched one episode yet. From all the reviews and what I heard from our facebook group and Imy kun's opinion, this is a fantastic anime. I feel terrible that I'm doing a post without watching at least one episode, so after I write this ....I'm going to sneak a peek BUT do you know what it's like when you're playing catch up on the airing anime and then you're watching an anime like D.Gray Man and you have 17 episodes left before you finish. HAhahaah I need some punctuation, I was rambling without a FULLSTOP or COMMA but I found a fan made trailer which contains SPOILERS I'm afraid but who cares, hopefully it'll make you wanna watch GETBACKERS the supposedly awesome anime!!!!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Canaan Is so Freaking CooL!

I'm not sure what this is all about BUT the amount of action in the two episodes I watched didn't leave much time to worry about IT!!! So, far there appears to be people who see things differently to everyone else and if they haven't mastered this ability it can prove PAINFUL. The main character is called, Canaan and she appears to be some sort of agent working for an unknown organisation.

Canaan has a sister who seems to be working in an opposing agency and there is definitely some sort of rivalry and even though I don't know where it stems from or why she sees things differently from other people. I think I'll continue watching this one UNLESS it becomes so dreadful that I can't persist in which case---WATCH OUT FOR THE UPDATE!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bakemonogatari is Awesome & Wacky!!!!

I have watched all 3 episodes so far and I think there are 12 more to go and I have to say---this is the wackiest anime I've watched for a while---WEIRD & totally crazy but it's kind of awesome. The story is total madness, I mean the guy in this picture catches this girl who has no weight and he introduces her to a vampire who charges her 100,00o 円 to get back her body mass. The first episode and the second are kind of connected but than the third episode kind of went off on a tangent but in a kind of supercoolcrazy way. I mean the animation, the script, the camera angles and the wackiness are making this into a unique anime experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone who like creativeness!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anime of the Week: Hellsing!!!

If you love Vampires, action and lots of blood and you haven't watched Hellsing than you are just CRAZY!!!! This anime is so cool mecha kakkoi --the character, Alucard is one of the coolest vampire characters that I've come across and if I put that in simpler terms his a BAD ASS MUTHA EFFER..hahahahaa.

You must watch Hellsing like immediately in fact why are you still reading this post???? The story isn't the greatest story in the world but the eerieness of the anime, the music, the fight scenes and Alucard will make you watch all 13 episodes in NO TIME at all. I won't go into too much detail with the story as simply put---girl gets BITTEN and choses to become a VAmpire too live and becomes part of an organisation that is assisted by Alucard to rid the earth of the SCUM out there. LOL.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Red Garden is Totally Weird!

I think that this is without a doubt the WEIRDEST anime I've watched to date!!! It's also difficult to say whether or not I liked this anime BUT fact is it was compelling and I guess I was intrigued because I watched all 22 episodes fairly quickly!!!! I must admit the story was based in New York and the style of the animation was quite different to what I'm accustomed but the character sure look very pretty. The storyline itself is very vague but has an eerie feel BUT the relationships the anime depicts are very impressive. The estranged family relationship, the best friends, the friend that's after your boyfriend and explosive arguments it does it in a style that you would associate with an anime and that's why I think I kind of enjoyed this anime. They definitely took a risk with Red Garden and I have to say it is worth watching. I'm not sure if I've convinced you enough.

Please excuse the annoying DUBBED trailer!!!!! GOMEN

Monday, July 6, 2009

Anime of the Week: D GrayMan

I still haven't watched all of this anime and I'm like 50 episodes into an 103 episode anime series BUT I've been stuck at 50 for quite sometime. This isn't a reflection on the anime!!!! Not at all--this anime has it all---great characters, good story and nice music. TICK TICK TICK in all the right boxes.

The main character is Allen Walker who has a gift or a curse that allows him to see DEMONS who are wearing human skins!!! This demon seeing eye is a reminder of his own mistake when he fall victim to the Millennium Earl---the bad guy who prays on sorrow and bereavement as a means to create DEMONS by trapping human souls. This gift/curse leads Allen Walker to become an exorcist when he joins the Order and makes friends with other people who possess different powers that they have harnessed due to something that is called "INNOCENCE." This innocence has been scattered over the earth and holds in it the power to defeat Millennium Earl!!!!! This bit is speculation on my part as I've only watched HALF of this anime and this post has given me a KICK in the butt to finally finish it OFF.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paradise Kiss <3

Well, this isn't brand new as first aired in 2005 and I think I added to my anime list a while ago because it kind of reminded me of Nana. Anyways, today I watched 3 episodes and I'm recommending it too any romance, slice of life type anime fans. What can I say after 3 episodes. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Welcome to Paradise Kiss, I mean when I started watching the first few minutes I thought I had the wrong anime due to the unique animation. Then, imagine poor Yukari (top centre of pic) minding her own business, innocently walking to school when some random guy with multiple piercings starts chasing you---calling you pretty!!! This is how Yukari gets sweet talked into modelling for ParaKiss by George (top left of the pic) ----HEART THROB.

So far this anime is filmed very differently to most. The characters are interesting and I would say this one will contain some sexual content. HAHAHAHA.

Code Geass R2

It wasn't so far back. My life before meeting Lelouch!!! Since, our meeting my life has changed forever. I think I'll mark it Life before Lelouch and Life after Lelouch. AHAHAHA. I exaggerate BUT I have a point. Lelouch is just sheer awesomeness even to the bitter end, he is truly a great anime character and I love him BUT sorry my heart has been promised to Urahara!!!!

Enough of the craziness!!!! I have finally watched both Code Geass and Code Geass R2 and I must admit that this is a brilliant anime. I mean talk about strategic warfare and I do often think life can be compared to a giant game and boy, oh boy wasn't this just a superb anime. I don't want to spoil this anime for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of watching Code Geass. But I reckon if you liked Deathnote, you like Code Geass as Lelouch reminds me of KIRA or maybe that is just unique to me. YARE YARE!

Reason to watch this anime is because it is full of action, suspense, excitement, fun, tears, erratic heart racing, rushing to watch the next episode because you desperately want too see what trick Lelouch has up his sleeve. Tired eyes, burning for sleep but you are so gripped you fight back sleep and say no, I must watch the next episode. Just one more, just one more....whoops it's 3:00am....what happened. LOL. It's awesome, you must WATCH it NOW!!!!!!