Sunday, May 31, 2009


I think if there is one anime that everyone should watch----it's BLEACH---I can't think of any reason why anyone wouldn't like this anime.  The main character Ichigo Kurosaki was a normal kid (or so he thought) apart from the fact that he could see DEAD PEOPLE!!!!  His life changes when he met the girl in the picture, Rukia Kuchiki and he became part of another world.  Through this meeting Ichigo discovered the power that was hidden inside him and he instinctively used this power to help his FRIENDS.  This is a great anime---especially if you like supernatural type anime.  

What follows now is a SPOILER---Read at own PERIL!!!! So, I'm like so totally excited and I'm loving the Shinigami Vs Arrancar episodes.  Especially as they're showing us the power of the characters who usually take a BAck STEP---why is Bleach so freeking awesome.....hmmmmmmm.  Saying that I'm obviously not referring to the senseless FILLER episodes.  I can't wait to see ICHIGO kick Ulquiorra's emo A$$---B A N K A I :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blame!!!! Short Anime ブラム! Buramu!

Well, this is quite funny really---not the anime!!! I decided to watch this short anime which only had like 7 episodes all only 5 minutes long and i thought i like the eerieness of this animation. But I have been doing things back to front----this song sprang to mind when watching this BLAME and i reckon that's because it's the ending song to Serial Experiment Lain, which is another anime based on computers!!!!!

That said----the anime does appear quite intriguing so I think I will have to do this in reverse order and now I will read the MANGA. As apparently the animation is only meant to be like be watched with the MANGA. So, the pictures on this anime look pretty cool so I will read the Manga. So you might be wondering what it's about so this is taken from Anime News Network as I couldn't really sum it up from 35 minutes of animation.  

The Manga is a Cyberpunk Manga (what is that---I don’t know) by Tsutomu Nihei and the lead character is the guy in the picture, Killy.
He possesses some sort of incredibly powerful weapon and wonders this technological world in search of something that will allow him to access the computer that controls the city!!!! The city is an endless maze of vertical space and artificially constructed walls and the city is swimming with humans and sub humans—cyborgs. This is not a peaceful time and the eradication of mankind is in effect and the key to stopping the expansion lies in the controlling this NETSPERE---the computer that rules this world.

I guess sounds cool—if you are like into science fiction and computers and that kind of stuff. Watch Log-1 and decide if you want to read the Manga with me!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ergo Proxy エルゴプラクシ

Before I harp on about the greatness that is Ergo Proxy, I must spell this out, this anime is kind of like Marmite maybe you haven't heard of Marmite nevertheless the principle is universal---you either love it or you hate it. This anime isn't for everyone and that said I will now hopefully give you enough information to make you decide if you want to watch the 23 episodes that make up this story.

The lady in the picture is Real Mayer (aka Re-L Mayer or Lil Mayer) who is one of the main characters who is the granddaughter of a highly influential regent (leader) of her Utopian society. I'll set the scene ---she lives in a post apocalyptic society where humans are assisted by Autoreivs in their day to day duties----in effect they are pampered by self thinking machines. A society where human emotions are under control and in this society Re-L Mayer is questioning her miserable existence and that's when her life leads her down a path where some of her questions might be answered. Ps. i think Re-L Mayer looks like the singer from Evanescence and also that this song sums up pretty much how she is feeling!!!!

A couple of murder cases lead to an investigation into a Virus called the Cognito virus which is making the Autoreivs defy their human masters in acts of violence and defiance. Re-l Mayer leads the investigation that introduces her to a lowly immigrant in her eyes not mines by the name of Vincent Lee. On their meeting both lives take an unexpected twist that will answer Re-l's questions on life and help Vincent discover his own identity.  AWAKENING---something awakens in both of them on their meeting and together they find the answers to their hearts questions.  This is by far no easy task and they often don't see eye to eye----the journey is a long and arduous one and an eye opener for Re-L who has lived a relatively pampered life in her utopia. When fate leads her out of her comfort bubble to absorb life outside this society and to travel the bleak and forlorn landscape that the rest of the world inhabits---definitely leads to some philosophical introspection.

With the help of the cute and Cognito infected Pino (Autoreiv) they travel the grey skies heading to Mosco, where Vincent hopes to discover his true identity.  The anime is very complicated and philosophical and it really makes you think.  The style of the animation, the music, the clips of information before the episodes starts, the characters and the pace of the anime all add to the forlorn and pensive nature of the story.  The story has a great ending and I'll spell this out if you like FAST paced anime, well this certainly isn't for you---if you like science fiction, philosophy, psychology and futuristic--lets question the meaning of my miserable life--who am I, why am I here type anime----well chances are you'll love Ergo Proxy.

I happen to be all of the above ---so I will say this is an awesome anime BUT even I know the slow pace might BORE some people silly BUT slow pace and Brilliant story I can handle and this I feel is a real MUST SEE for all science fiction anime fans.  Watch Ergo Proxy and if you like this trailer ---chances are you'll like the ANIME.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anime of the Week - Nodame Cantabile - ZOMG のだめカンタービレ so Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me introduce you to one of the funniest anime I've watched in a while---Nodame Cantabile!!!!!  The main character is a pianist and her name is Noda Megumi but she insists on being called NODAME and despite being a total loon, lousy cook and the messiest girl you'll probably meet she is also the funniest.  I'm only 6 episodes into this 23 episode anime BUT from what I've seen so far it's absolutely HILARIOUS.

The story evolves around music and this is the first music based anime I've watched and I'm enjoying it immensely!!!  Nodame is a brilliant pianist and her playing catches the ears of the school heartthrob, Chiaki Shinichi who quite surprisingly didn't realise that he lived next door to Nodame.  Chiaki is extremely arrogant and his over confidence gets him demoted to what can be described as the REJECT class and with this demotion his life changes.  He meets Nodame and he becomes her MAID ..hahahaa and decides to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a composer.  Will he accomplish this goal, will he fall in love with Nodame---what is going to happen---I don't know BUT i want to find out.

All in all it's a slice of life anime based around music--so if you like this type of anime, classical music and jokes on top of jokes on top of barrels of fun and laughter---then watch this anime.  If you're having a bad day and you watch this anime---it won't last for long!!!!! I'll do a small update once I've completed watching the other 17 episodes.

Instead of a trailer---here is a clip of a scene (SPOILER) but only 30 secs and I haven't seen this part yet either!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fate Stay Night フェイト/ステイナイト

Can you see the beauty that is Saber!!!!!  If you haven't watched this anime ---I'm about to give you a few good reasons to either start watching all 24 episodes or to add it to the TOO WATCH LIST.  So, apart from the dazzling beauty that is Saber---why else would you watch Fate Stay Night?  Well, here it is---the anime is fairly recent in that it finished airing in 2006 and it has an interesting story.

The story is based around the wonderful Saber who is a female servant summoned to assist a weak sorcerer by the name of Shirou Emiya in his quest for the Holy Grail.  So if you enjoy fiction and stories about the legend of the Holy Grail then this anime might be intriguing to you---hmmmmmmmm. Still not convinced?  

Shirou Emiya comes from a tragic past that is strongly connected to his future!!!!  He lost his parents in a fire and was adopted by a sorcerer and although his magical ability is pretty pathetic he makes up for this in HEART.  On the fateful night in question he manages to summon Saber Lucky Strike!!!!! Together with Saber he embarks on an adventure to battle with the other contenders for the Holy Grail.  Each contender also has a legendary warrior from the past to help them in their battle and they must keep the name of their warrior HIDDEN to lessen their chance of FAILURE.

I would say that it is definitely a worthwhile anime to watch, the story is intriguing although I must say that the first 3 episodes are quite slow paced and full of narrative BUT after these episodes the story gathers momentum.  I would say that if you aren't enjoying the story by the 6th episode---well chances are it's not for YOU.  But if you like what you see by this point well----CONTINUE TO THE END and you won't be disappointed and the plot, pace and action will keep you entertained.

Here is an AMV Trailer --WATCH---DECIDE and add Fate Stay Night to your anime collection today!!!!!! ^___^

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anime of the Week - Mononoke - モノノ怪

Mononoke and not to be confused with Princess Mononoke as they are totally different anime!!!!  Mononoke is an absolutely brilliant anime and suits my tastes very well BUT is your taste the same as mine----you can decide.  So, in 12 episodes the anime tells the stories of the bakeneko arc of the Ayakashi (classic Japanese horror).  It kind of follows that if you like horror type anime then you might enjoy this anime---fact is---i haven't seen the Ayakashi anime yet BUT after watching Mononoke I definitely will add it to my ever growing TO WATCH list!!!!!

The main character is a medicine seller (in romanji ----kutsuri uri) and from what i remember we never learn his name and he travels feudal japan to exorcise the mononoke (various spirits).  This is not an episodic type anime so some of the stories last 2 or 3 episodes and in each of them he is confronted by some sort of spirit and before he can exorcise them he must figure out their physical form---the truth of its appearance and the reason behind it's behaviour.  Once these truths have been revealed he can exorcise the spirits.

Well no you have the basic gist of this anime BUT what I haven't told you is the style of the anime.  You can probably tell from the elaborate picture that the anime is not your usual type of animation in that it's extremely theatrical.  The anime is told in a theatrical type of way and i must say it is full of colours and imagery that I haven't seen in any other anime---making this one pretty unique.  The way it uses colours and the way the characters in the stories appear emphasise the intensity of the stories and in some scenes you really can SEE THE TERROR in their faces and even their bodies the way they become distorted and contorted.  In a NUTSHELL the creativity of this anime is to be proclaimed allow me to blow a trumpet---Watch the TRAILER and decide for yourself!!!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kurozuka 黒塚

This anime was only recommended to me yesterday and I think I watched 3 episodes so far---leaving another 9 episodes.  This anime only finished airing in December 2008 so it is quite recent BUT it managed to slip off my radar---I'm like watching 20 animes at a time so you'll have to excuse me if I miss a few!!!!

So, after watching 3 episodes I'm saying that if you like vampire type anime, dark, violent, full of action ---mixed with some twisted love---well then simply put YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE!!!!  What has happened a man meets an irresistibly beautiful temptress in the woods ----falls victim to her beauty (Kuromitsu) only to find out that she is not all she appears to be.  When he discovers the truth behind this seductive goddess he discovers a dark path which he volunteers to walk down ---bold and fearless is Kuro!!!!  Before they have a chance to indulge in the flesh ---Kuromitsu's past causes them to be separated and now Kuro has awakened from what appears to be a long slumber to search for his gorgeous babe.

If this sounds appealing to you ----watch it---here is the TRAILER.

Ps. I will do an update once I complete this one :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Paprika - Anime of the Week

This week one of my favourite anime movies has been given the spotlight and rightly so---PAPRIKA is a MASTERPIECE.  The colours in this picture reflects the colourfulness of the anime and the great thing about movies is that if you're busy busy busy ----if you have 90 minutes to spare then WATCH IT NOW!!!!!  

I already did a post ranting on about the brilliance that is Satoshi Kon and the awesomeness of Paprika.  So this time I'm keeping it brief the anime is a must see and if you like DREAMS than you will like Paprika.  If I haven't given you enough information ---READ the older post!!!!

Here is a clip from the anime and if the creativeness of this scene doesn't capture your attention---chances are this anime isn't for you. If you see this clip and think WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW---then that's IT----you must watch it today!!!!  Enjoy :)

Anime Song of the Week - The Brilliant Green - Ash Like Snow

This week’s anime song of the week is taken from the second opening song from Gundam 00 and is by the Brilliant Green. If this is the first time visiting our blog…let me explain we LOVE anime and we also love JPop. So every week we pick an anime song and it’s always on the Top Right of the Blog. In case you would like to know more about this band---here is some information about them.

The Brilliant Green
The brilliant green, or buriguri for short, is a Japanese rock (or J-Rock) band. Tomoko Kawase (川瀬智子 Kawase Tomoko) is the vocalist; Ryo Matsui (松井亮 Matsui Ryo) plays electric/lead guitar; and Shunsaku Okuda (奥田俊作 Okuda Shunsaku) is on bass as well as acoustic/rhythm guitar. To his fellow band members and fans alike, Okuda is affectionately known as "Leader" as he composes the majority of the band's music. The band were formed in 1995 after Ryo and Shunsaku spotted Tommy singing "Sometimes Always" by The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Rolling Stones written Marianne Faithfull hit "As Tears Go By" in a Kyoto karaoke bar.

The Brilliant Green take much of their influence from Western music, most predominantly The Beatles with over half their songs including English lyrics. They released their first single "Bye Bye Mr.Mug" in 1997 with little success, but their break came in 1998 when their third single "There Will Be Love There" was chosen as the theme song for popular Japanese Drama Love Again, and as a result went straight to the top of the charts. After another number one hit with "Tsumetai Hana" they released their self-titled debut album which sold over one million copies in just two days. On the back of this success their first national tour, There Will Be Live There, sold out across Japan in only three minutes. The Brilliant Green were suddenly one of the biggest bands in Japan.

Enough of the chat-----if you like the song and you want to sing along. Here are the Romanji Lyrics for all you karaoke fans (me included)!!!! Click Play and Sing A Long and if you are curious about what is being said---the English Translation is below *.*

The Brilliant Green – Ash Like Snow - Romanji Lyrics

Sora akaku someru kokutan no yami
Nomikomareta hoshikuzu-tachi
Hakanaku furitsumoru hai no yuki

Mitsumeta nageki no mado
I never dreamed
there… I come for you

Omoi wa sekibaku no yozora ni
Maiagari kudaketa
Kono sekai ga katachi o kaeru tabi ni
Mamoritai mono o
Kowashite shimatte ita n da

Kokoro ni hishimeku haitoku no yami
Kimi no koe ga masui no you ni
Tsumetaku kankaku o ubatteku

Mujun o oikakete mo
Naze boku wa tatakau no?

Tatoeba hikari ga kieusete
Kono hoshi ga ochite mo
Wasurenai yo
Sono chiisa na negai ga
Aru beki basho e to michibiku

there I come for you yeah
Ash Like Snow is falling down
from your sky
Ash Like Snow
Ash Like Snow
Ash Like Snow
Let me hear…
why I have to fight

Kono omoi wa sekibaku no yozora ni
Maiagari kudaketa
Yami o hiraku eikou to hikikae ni
Mamoru beki mono o ushinatte kita
(It’s falling from your sky)
(Baby I come for you)

Kudakechitta kakera ni kizutsuku tabi
Tozasareta boku no kokoro wa
Tsuyoku naru koto o erande
Koko made kita n da

Now if you would like to know what all that Romanji means here is an English translation!!!!!

An ebony darkness that dyes the sky red
Swallowed the stardust
Ash like snow falls and accumulates briefly

I gazed at the window of grief
I never dreamed
Freezing onto it
there... I come for you

My thoughts soared up
Into the desolate night sky and shattered
Every time when this world changed its shape
It destroyed
The things that I wanted to protect

An immoral darkness crowds my heart
Like anesthesia, your voice
Coldly steals away my sensations

Even if I pursue contradictions
They won't end
Why do I fight?

Even if light vanishes
And this Earth is corrupted
I won't forget
Your little wish
Guides you to the place where it must be at

there I come for you yeah
Ash Like Snow
is falling down from your sky
Ash Like Snow
Let me hear...
why I have to fight?

These thoughts of mine soared up
Into the desolate night sky and shattered
In exchange for the glory of opening up the darkness
I lost the things that I must protect
(It's falling from your sky)
It's too futile
(Baby I come for you)

Every time when I got hurt by the smashed up pieces
My closed heart
Chose to be strong
And came here

No wonder I love this song isn’t it great….isn’t it like totally awesome. I didn’t even know until now that Tommy Heavenly6 is the female vocalist from the Brilliant Green who sang one of my other favourite anime songs from Soul Eater---PAPERMOON. Brilliant Green we salute you & hope that you get back together soon and release more brilliant hits!!!!!!

Blade of the Immortal - 無限の住人 Update

I did a post on this anime a while back but finally after what seemed like forever---I managed to locate the final episode no. 13!!!!  I was just about to give up on this episode and I thought maybe the thirteenth episode never existed BUT just when I was about to give up---I found IT.  So after a long wait was I impressed with the final episode and the answer is NO and maybe is this is because of the wait.  

So, what I will say about this anime is that I really liked the characters Rin & Manji.  The man who has lived forever with the help of some weird worms that live in his blood.  Rin hires him to help get her REVENGE but along the way she seems to have second thoughts.  I felt the anime didn't conclude the story well BUT the episodes were great to watch they really created an intense kind of atmosphere and you start WISHING that she'll get the BASTARDS that wronged her family!!!!!!  The way that this anime is left up in the air---might mean a second series---MAYBE---or just that I'll have to read the MANGA to find the conclusion I was looking for---all in all this anime is definitely worth watching.  If you like samurai type anime and enjoy action, stories of betrayal, corruption, love and lust ---well than you won't be disappointed by this anime---which i must admit has  a GREAT OPENING SONG!!!!  

Opening Song ---"Akai Usagi (赤井ウサギ)" by Makura no Sōshi (RED RABBIT = Akai Usagi)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anime of the Week: Wolf's Rain (LATE EDITION)

I’m behind the times!!!! I went on a mini vacation on Friday and came home yesterday and then it dawns on me…you didn’t do the ANIME OF THE WEEK post for what is now last week’s choice. GOMEN.

Last week’s choice was Wolf’s Rain and I haven’t finished this one yet BUT so far I think it’s pretty awesome. This is mainly because I love wolves as an animal and I love anime and Wolf’s Rain is a combination of the two which equal *YAY*. So, after watching 10 episodes I’m totally besotted with one of the main characters, Kiba!!!! I’m not one for totally ruining the story of an anime –so hear is a brief summary.

The story is set in a futuristic time and a prophecy exists relating to wolves and how when the end of the world arrives---paradise will appear but only WOLVES will be able to access paradise. The wolves are thought to be extinct but this appears untrue. The appearance of Kiba and his determination to find paradise has enticed a few more wolves out of hiding and caused the awakening of the mysterious flower maiden, Cheza (the one in the picture)!!!

Well, like I said I’m still watching and I’m hoping they find paradise and that Cheza shows them the way. After watching the 10 episodes I find the story intriguing and quite eerie. The strong leader of the pack, Kiba is my favourite but the story seems to focus on living for a purpose and Kiba’s is to return to paradise. I like the fact that the story is about wolves and not werewolves!!!!! It has shown what can happen when one forgets to follow one’s dreams, loss, loneliness, betrayal and I can tell from this far in the anime that after the other 20 episodes (including OVAs) I’m going to be in tears.

Watch out for the update!!!!!