Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anime of the Week: Detroit Metal City -デトロイト・メタル・シティ

This is the most hilarious, craziest, whackiest and wildest anime I think I've ever watched. I'm not really a fan of death metal BUT after watching Krauser II in action---am a fan of DMC---Go to DMC, Go To DMC. The episodes are only 13 minutes long and I swear you'll be bellowing out in laughter---WARNING---if you're not a fan of CRUDENESS then chances are you won't like this anime.

Meet the cute, Soichi Negishi who is the sweet and innocent man behind the lyrics. He is the DEMON LORD and his very sexed up or I should say he wants to sex you up. I could talk forever about this anime but I think it would take all the fun out of it, especially if you're a Krauser II virgin like me..hahahaa. Verdict: Awesome explicit entertainment!

Watch the clip and you might get an indication of what to expect from this anime^__^

Marvel meets Anime!

When I was younger I used to always watch the Marvel action hour---Tony Stark is Ironman, X-Men and the Fantastic Four and I must admit I loved these cartoons. I've watched all the Marvel movies that have been released to date BUT I wasn't expecting to get the chance to watch an anime version to Ironman & Wolverine. But it looks like someone saw fit to bless me with a bad@ss looking anime of two of my favourite Marvel characters!!!!! The trailers only give you a taste of what the animation will look like and simple put it looks awesome. They have a darker feel to them and I say bring on 2010.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anime of the Week: Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Confession time!!! I haven't even watched any of the Gundam saga apart from 4 episodes of Gundam Wing, which isn't the anime of the week *SIGH*. I haven't even managed to watch one episode of Gundam 00 but I checked out the music playlist and it seems to be awesome, so I'm hoping that the anime will reflect the music --hahahaaa. Imy kun picked this anime----DAMN HIM!!!!!!! So, I can't say much about it---can I--except imy said "VERDICT: Celestial AWESOMENESS! =P"

I will watch Gundam 1 day in the not so imminent future UNTIL than if you like these mecha type anime and you like this trailer. Take Imy kun's advice and watch Gundam00. ^__^

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Darker Than Black - Season 2 Gets Green Light

So, if you loved Darker than Black and the infamous elite contractor - BK-201 aka
Hei!!!! You'll be ecstatic to know that the next season of this anime has been given the greenlight. If you haven't heard of this anime---you still have time to watch season 1 in preparation for what should be an awesome follow up anime. I do believe that BONES studio will be involved in this production and they've produced a lot of awesome anime, such as Full Metal Alchemist and Soul Eater (if you haven't watched these two anime yet---what the hell are you waiting for!!!!).

Enjoy the teaser!!!

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni - When the Seagulls Cry - うみねこのなく頃に

So, you're born into a wealthy family and you all meet on an island where your rich grandfather lives. You are aware of a tale regarding your family wealth being given to you by a golden witch called Beatrice! You don't believe this nonsense about witches and such like --what are you ---5 years old....hmmmmmm. Nevertheless, the epitaph beneath the witches supposed portrait claims to lead you to the gold?

The year is 1986 and the family is stuck on the island ofRokkenjima and people are starting to DIE---yes, blood and murder and mystery and a possible witch!!!! I've only watched 3 episodes so far but this seems like it'll be an exciting anime with murder, magic and mayhem. I'm intrigued to watch the rest. The characters are interesting and the murders are definitely causing panic and wild unfounded accusations amongst them. Did the grandfather, Kinzo Ushiromiya really make a contract with the golden witch, Beatrice? Well, I definitely intend to find out and I'd suggest that if you like horror, mystery and murder typeanime you'll like this one---I'll keep you updated but it seems like this is going to be fantastic!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Anime of the Week: Kannagi - Crazy Shrine Maidens

I watched Kannagi a while back and this is one funny anime. It's so much fun to watch and if you haven't had the pleasure--you must check it out. Imagine you are an art student and your friend gives you a piece of wood to carve a sculpture. You envisage a beautiful woman and carve her delicately from the piece of wood and you turn your back for a brief second and your greeted by a blue haired Goddess called, Nagi. You are now in the crazy world of the Shrine Maidens along with the main character Jin. Jin lets the goddess crash at his house and she follows him to school BUT he must help her with her godly duties of killing impurities which take the form of BUGS.

The story is very short with only 13 episodes but it's enough to make you fall in love with Nagi and the other crazy shrine maidens. I think you'll laugh your head off at every single episode, as her situation always manages to get funnier. There is even a time when she has to work in a maid cafe and so many other hilarious things. Watch it and laugh LAUGH LAUGH!!!!