Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anime of the Week: Detroit Metal City -デトロイト・メタル・シティ

This is the most hilarious, craziest, whackiest and wildest anime I think I've ever watched. I'm not really a fan of death metal BUT after watching Krauser II in action---am a fan of DMC---Go to DMC, Go To DMC. The episodes are only 13 minutes long and I swear you'll be bellowing out in laughter---WARNING---if you're not a fan of CRUDENESS then chances are you won't like this anime.

Meet the cute, Soichi Negishi who is the sweet and innocent man behind the lyrics. He is the DEMON LORD and his very sexed up or I should say he wants to sex you up. I could talk forever about this anime but I think it would take all the fun out of it, especially if you're a Krauser II virgin like me..hahahaa. Verdict: Awesome explicit entertainment!

Watch the clip and you might get an indication of what to expect from this anime^__^

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