Sunday, November 1, 2009

Anime of the Week: Black Blood Brothers

Check SpellingI watched this anime yesterday and thought it was so brilliant that I'd make it anime of the week. It is a vampire story which centres around Mochizuki Jirou who is known as the silverblade---bad ass slayer of any vampire which poses a threat to humans and vampires alike. In twelve short episodes the anime gives you a glimpse of how Jirou became a vampire and why he is such a bad ass swordsman. He is a vampire haunted by his past but with his cheery little brother he is seeking to brighter future in the Special Zone. But can he escape his dark past...ummmmm I wonder????? It is a very entertaining anime to watch--full of action and if you like vampire type anime you won't be disappointed with this story. I didn't know what to expect BUT I managed to watch all twelve episodes in one day, which tells you one of two is awesome---two--maybe you have NO LIFE you frigging OTAKU!!!! Either way I suggest you add this to your to watch list.


  1. The werewolf reminds me of Darkstalkers' Jon Talbain. The art looks cool, and it's really action packed! Is this a movie or a series?

    Michelle Pendlelton