Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eden of the East or Higashi no Eden

I stumbled across this anime and decided to sneak a peek being as it was another newbie!!! I wasn't disappointed that's for sure and I think I'll be watching the other 10 episodes ---making it one of my favourite kind of anime----Yes--short & sweet. This is a kind of spy theme anime---it started by showing some sort of student, Saki Morimi decides to visit the centre of the world...hmmmmm ....if you didn't know where that is---she claims it's the White House in Washington DC. It gets funnier--she gets herself into trouble with the authorities and is saved by a naked Japanese guy. He appears to have no memory of who he is and I swear at one point he found papers saying he was Jason Bourne (if you didn't watch the movie Bourne Identity and the other Bourne movies you are still clueless aren't you!!). Anyways, they end up flying to Japan together but who exactly has Saki made friends with?!!??? A Terrorist, a victim of circumstance who knows BUT I want to so I'm watching it--you can join me!!!!

Watch the Trailer----enjoyyyyyy :)


  1. Hey, this is my type. It must fun to watch this...you are very good with finding great anime cartoons, it's very impressive.keep it up.bye bye. :)

  2. thanks CJ
    yes, i totally love to watch anime :)
    i will try 2 keep it up!!