Monday, October 12, 2009

Anime of the Week: Eden of the East - 東のエデン Higashi no Eden

Hello, Addicted to Anime Maldives is back in action!!! Sorry everyone.....I have been so busy lately that I haven't even had time to watch anime---yes, I know it's unthinkable...unimaginable BUT I have brought disgrace to the name Otaku....hahahahaha^__^

I will redeem myself...soon....soon!!!!

So, the anime of the week is Eden of the East, which stopped airing June 2009. Honestly, there isn't much I can say about this anime. But I can say that the first and only episode that I managed to watch was hilarious and very intriguing. I would recommend watching it to anyone who likes funny, action, conspiracy or spy type anime. I will add more about this anime at the end of the week (as I will be watching the other 10 episodes as of tomorrow).

If you have never heard of Eden of the East----watch the trailer in my previous post!!!

Forgive the lame review----watch out the update---coming to blogger real soon.

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